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‘Netflix Web Series Hindi’ 2020 – Bulbbul Release Date, Story, Cast

‘Netflix web series Hindi’ Bulbul is going to release in Anushka Sharma’s new Hindi web series Bulbbul Netflix. Earlier, Anushka Sharma’s Pataal Lok web series won the hearts of the audience. Pataal Lok was released on Amazon Prime Video which was very much talked about and people liked.

‘Netflix Web Series Hindi’ Bulbbul Review

But this time Anushka Sharma is going to release her web series on Netflix. She told that she has 11 total projects on which she is working one by one. After watching the trailer of this film, it seems that Anushka Sharma loves the ghosts a lot before that one of her films Pari had also seen something similar. This film could not do much, now see how much Anushka Sharma’s web film is going on Netflix and win the hearts of the audience.

The film Bulbul, which is being produced by Anushka. will be released on Netflix on June 24, Talking about the story of this Netflix web series, in this film you will get both suspense and thriller. As you saw in the trailer, a girl is shown who is married in her childhood and on the other side, in the trailer, a witch who is seen running with her back legs is seen.

‘Netflix Web Series Hindi’ Bulbbul story

The story of this film will be seen revolving around the girl and the witch shown in the trailer. The director and writer of this film are Anvita Dutt. Who is going to make a directorial debut with this film? Anvita Dutt, the director and writer of the film. tells that in childhood. she has heard a lot of ghost story from grandmother and she found it easier to write Bulbbul’s story by thinking these stories, she tells her to listen to such stories and read the book very much in childhood.

The lead actress of this film, Tripti Dimri, says that she likes this type of story very much. She said that she is a resident of Uttarakhand. As you know, people in Uttarakhand still believe in Bhoot. Although she also said She has been living in Delhi for a long time. After her grandfather’s transfer, she shifted to Delhi. For this reason, when he heard the story of Bulbbul, She immediately said yes.

Anushka Sharma released the trailer of Bulbbul and wrote in Captain. If the story heard in childhood comes true. Bulbbul is played by Tripti Dimri. Bulbbul’s childhood marriage with Mahendra is a person much older than him. But Bulbul feels that he is married to his childhood partner Satya, who is stuck in the same situation. Bulbbul loves her childhood partner Satya a lot. Satya is the younger brother of Mahendra. In the trailer, Sathya Bulbul will be seen narrating a ghost story.

Anushka Sharma Bulbbul Star Cast

Talking about the cast of the film. in this film, you will be seen on Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Paoli Dam, Rahul Bose, Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri in important roles. In the trailer, the Bengali daughter-in-law Tripti Dimari plays it beautifully.

Anushka Sharma Bulbbul Trailer


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‘Netflix Web Series Hindi’ 2020 – Bulbbul Release Date, Story, Cast

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